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Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu

Name Ahkhsu Trensu

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age Looks 40's

Physical Appearance

Height 6' feet (1.8 m)
Weight 200 pounds (90.7 kg).
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He has a well-built body and appears 40. He looks human. He is of large stature and muscular. He is 6’, weight 200 lb, and has tan skin. His eyes are blue his hair brown with dashes of gray here and there. his beard is short and neatly trimmed. he is always very neat and clean cut and professional.

Distinguishing mark(s): He has multiple scars. One on his left arm 1 inch long, right upper leg 6 inches, lower back 2 inches long, and left side of his head half-inch long.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Tazu Trensu
Mother Ma Trensu
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quote: Cowards never start, The weak never finish, Winners never quit.

Trensu lives and loves to outwit his opponents, Persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities, and so forth. He is a good friend of the rest of his men and so mostly turns his talents on NPCs. He respects the rights of others; but, again, with a good enough justification provided he might bend the law. He will engage enemies in melee. He doesn’t mind long range either. But he’d really like to do anything that will demonstrate his superiority over the enemy.

He can be hard to read, concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other character. It’s very hard to find out what he is actually thinking or feeling. He works hard to keep his feelings in check it is hard when he sees someone show fear. His talent for sensing trouble and fast thinking, and an uncanny sense of calm had got him through various hard situations so far in his career. He likes to read from time to time keeping up on the different governments. His favorite pastimes are Martial Arts especially ones from other races, Fresh meet, and collecting ancient firearms. His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation for being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Talent for sensing trouble, an uncanny sense of calm. His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation for being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary and other thought reading has been less than effective.
Tends to be cold at times when dealing with people and their problems. He has had an outburst of hatred towards the people who disrespect rank, disobedience to orders, and cowards He works hard to keep his feelings in check it has made him violent in the past.
Ambitions To be the head of Star Fleet Security and Be an instructor at the Academy again.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts especially ones from other races, collecting ancient firearms, Ice cream, and a good book.

Personal History Ahkhsu was found by a Federation ship in 2265 and settled on a federation planet. In 2387 he applied to Star Fleet Academy. After extensive testing they accepted him. His lack of choice regarding his engineered nature was ultimately what caused Star Fleet to decide to allow him to join. He excelled in his classes at the Academy testing out of most of his classes He is eager to learn more and advance his education and knowledge. His home planet was under constant assault from the Borg, they had no choice but to manufacture superior elite warriors to preserve their race from assimilation He had to go to war.

His main occupation was a Professor at El-Aurian military academy, his title: Master Military Science. He had been teaching military sciences for hundreds of years. Watching the wars and conflicts of hundreds of races. He has had the opportunity to lecture at many universities and academies throughout the federation and delta quadrant. Even having the opportunity to teach for a year at the Academy. With the space as it is known changing rapidly, it was time to get out and educate himself and others about the challenges that face everyone.

As a cadet assigned to a planet defense as acting security chief of a new Colony. He distinguished himself. The report stated the Colony was being attacked. While seriously wounded risked his own life to rescue the sector Ambassador who was wounded and had to be carried by him. Ahkhsu got him to safety and to medical help. He has worked hard for the great reputation he has for bravery and the call to duty. Ahkhsu has always got good reports from his Commanders. He now looks forward to his next assignment it was his Actions that he got commissioned.

After the loss of Lieutenant Commander Bennett the last CO of the ship because of radiation sickness and unknown reaction to it. With multiple assignments, and missions, his outstanding actions on ship missions, and time in command of a department. Starfleet promoted Trensu to Lieutenant Commander and made him Captain of The USS Oberon. where he currently assigned and in Command.

Service Record Serves Record
2120 –2140 Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
2140 – 2387 Professor at the military academy and Officer Trainer.
2387 –2392 Joined Star Fleet Academy
2392 Cadet Mission
2393 Commissioned
2393 Lieutenant first Assignment DS3
2393- 2394 Cheif of Security and Tactical DS3
2395 - USS Oberon Cheif of Security and Tactical
2395 - Temporary assigned as Executive Officer of USS Oberon
2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Captian of USS Oberon

Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
Tertiary Education Privet schooling
Doctorates in Military Science

Masters in
Military strategy and doctrine
Military Weapons technology

Bachelors in
Military history
Military education and training

Star Fleet Academy
General and Advanced Security and Tactical Courses
Command school