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Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Name Steven Edgeware

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 9inches
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Steven has short hair with a beard and moustache. He has blue eyes and thin eye brows. A slender nose sits in the centre of his face.

He has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Although he walks with a slight limp. Due to a weakness in his left thigh. Caused by a childhood trauma. Which until now has been difficult to cure. But due to recent events is now fully healed.

Usually smartly turned out. Even when dressed in casual wear. Likes semi formal dress like shirts rather then tee’s and cotton trousers always dark coloured. Likes to sleep in old fashioned pyjamas


Spouse None
Father Dr Neal Edgeware ( deceased )
Mother Dr Alice Edgeware nee O’Chase
Sister(s) Tina (38) School teacher
Other Family Brother in law:- Dr Howard Nugent ( veterinarian surgeon )
Nephews:- Terrance (8)

Blood brother to the Klingon house of T’un Roo.

Personality & Traits

General Overview When you first meet Steven many people believe it is all some act. He comes across as polite and good mannered. This comes from the way his mother raised him and his sister. Giving them the firm values of respect and tolerance.

His mother was not shy in coming forward with criticism. Namely the fact that at the age of 34. Steve is not married. Unlike his Sister.This sometimes annoys him. But Steven would never show his anger. He is very close to his cousin Boris.

He always tries to befriend people who find it uneasy to make friends. Hence his unlikely friendship with a female Vulcan cadet called T’ane.

Although he is a nice person at heart. Sometimes he does suffer depression
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Easy going always helpful. Photographic memory. A good friend to all. Helps those who do not always find it easy to make friends.He is fluent in Vulcan , Klingon and Bajoran. Good sense of humour. Great cook as well.

Weaknesses:- Can get depressed. Worries to much about hurting or offending others. Over apologises if he is in the wrong. Will not stick up for himself only others. Constant arguments over his marital status with his parents. Causes him to be short tempered but he tries to hide this
Ambitions Steve would love to be on a first contact. With a newly discovered alien civilisation. To be one of the first aliens this race has ever seen. He would also love to find a cure for Bendii Syndrome. As a vulcan Cadet he became friendly with , lost her father to this illness.

He has never really fancied the centre seat or the XO spot. He would rather be one of the guys in the background. Working for the common good.

Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-

Steve loves to sing and can play the piano quite well. Loves to cook especially Italian dishes. Pasta is his favourite. Loves to read 20th century classics. He also likes to paint.


Studying Italian cooking. Readings works by Dickens , Mark Twain and Sir Terry Pratchett.Also Vulcan and Bajoran literature.Music of the early 20th century. Such as songs from the 1960’s. Flower arranging.

Personal History Early life:-

Steven was born in Ballybrack, Southern Ireland to Dr Neal and Dr Alice Edgeware . Both doctors who worked in a local surgery.

They already had a daughter aged four. Sadly after Steven was born. His father was killed in a tragic accident. When he drowned in the sea. Trying to save a swimmer who had gotten into difficulties.

His mother and aunt believed strongly in the parenting skills of the 20th century. Strict but fair. Installing in Steven the importance of good manners and respect of ones elders. At the age of 3 he started to develop a photographic memory. Making him a good learner. By the age of 4 he was already learning subjects taught to children twice his age.

At the age of seven though. Things seemed to change. Steven became less of a perfect student and difficult to deal with. His mother often lost her patients with him. He became quite a nasty little boy. Then at the age of 9 things changed. But it took a stupid game of dare leading to his near death. To cause this.

His little gang dared him to climb up the side of a his house.He almost made it to the top but some brickwork gave way. Steven fell crashing through the glass window of his late fathers conservatory. His injuries were so bad the last rites were read over him.

But Steven somehow pulled through. It was while he was in hospital that his aunt became his private teacher. She turned a troublesome slacker into a good student. Steven did well under her tutelage. Whether it was the near death experience or her style of teaching. The young boy was now eager and pleasant to teach.

High school & teen years:-

Steven walked with a bad limp.During his early teens. Which meant it was a struggle to make friends. But he managed to turn the bullies around. Attended one of Britain’s top schools that boasted a long history. With some very notable ex students. The leg prevented him from taking up most sports. Except swimming which he excelled at and shooting. Holographic targets were used as cruel sports were banned on Earth many years ago.

He was often seen helping the other students with their work. In fact it was believed Steven would become a teacher. But as he leg got better. With his limp diminishing he soon became involved in many sports. Steven started to work on his physique turning the fat. He had developed due to his bad limp into muscle.

He never really had time for any serious girlfriends. Preferring to work on getting good grades. He did have a few lady friends. But treated them more like sisters then lovers. Started to learn martial arts to help get his waist back. Became quite at it. But his true love was lady Science.

Steven loved anything to do with biology.He would often drive his mother mad. Asking how her day went. Begging his aunt when she was pregnant with his cousin Boris. To use a scanner on her so he could study the unborn Foetus.

University and Starfleet Academy:-

Steven left school with extremely high grades. He attended college where his father made him. Study two subjects just in case he failed at one. Science and sports. He did very well at both and was Captain of his college swimming team. Moved on to University were he studied science. Specialising in Biology , Medical and Botany. He did excellent in all three subjects. Graduating with full honours.

Steven planned to take up teaching. But got angry when his mother kept pushing. Potential wives at him. Because she wanted him to get married now that he had no more studies. Silver was ok with having a girlfriend. But he wanted to find the love of his life on his own terms. Plus he felt it would be better to be settled in employment first. Family later.

But the constant nagging by his mother. Was a problem for Steven. He needed to get off world. So he escorted his Uncle on a painting tour of Bajor. He became quite close to their Bajorian fixer Revea. When the tour was over he contemplated staying with her. But her family had been badly hurt by the Cardassians. They did not wish her to get mixed up with a human.

It was this Revea who suggested Starfleet on his return to Earth. That way there could be a chance for them to meet again. When he entered the recruitment office. All thoughts of Revea vanished. Steven was hooked by the Starfleet bug. The chance to explore the galaxy and see things. No has ever seen before.

While at the academy he became quite friendly. With a fellow female vulcan Cadet. But things never matured after her father died and she left. He later discovered he died from Bendii Syndrome.

After four years of study. Steven did very well graduating with top marks in Medical and as a second subject just in case Science.

Served first on USS Hermes. During his first year he saved the life of a high up Klingon minister. Who promptly made him a blood brother.

The USS Hermes received an sos from the Harmony bay mining colony. This turned out to be a goal by pirates who had hijacked the colony. The Hermes CMO was beheaded for refusing to heal their injured leader. Steven saw the whole thing and stepped in to save more lives. Under constant threats he stalled until a rescue was mounted.

After that he transferred to DS3. Then station mysteriously vanished and he transferred with survivors to USS Oberon.

Service Record After graduating from Academy Steven spent three years on the USS Hermes. Until the incident at Harmony bay mining colony.

2396- Following disappearance of DS3 transferred to USS Oberon as Chief Medical Officer