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Lieutenant Jason Elliot

Name Jason Malcom Elliot

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 185.4 cm
Weight 103.8 Kg
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Grey/green
Physical Description Slightly taller than average.
scar on right forearm not visible normally, Vegvisir tattoo on left shoulder along with Nordic runes (no translation).


Spouse Darleen (Deceased)
Children none.
Father Karl (Deceased)
Mother Kaitlyn (Presumed Deceased)
Brother(s) Steven (Older sibling/Missing)
Sister(s) Jessica (Estranged)
Other Family William (Brother-in-law/Estranged)
Kengi Takumi (Family friend)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason prior too the death of his wife Jessica was unusually outgoing. He was a noted member of a perici squares squads at various stations and regularly participated in tournaments but since the tragedy he's become withdrawn and almost a recluse. Several former colleagues have often noted he has been suspected of substance abuse and according to unconfirmed reports has checked into a substance dependancy progams.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Team player; will regularly do what needs to be done to support a group effort.
(+) Capable researcher; His background in technical research along with a strong historical background has proven benificial.
(-) Suspected substance abuse problem; This has not been confirmed and is pure rumor that has never been proven but seems to cause discomfort too those around him.
Ambitions Jason often spoke of family life despite his work in the intelligence apparatus within the Federation. Jason has never shown interest in command, his performance reviews in past have shown a great potential.
Hobbies & Interests Perici Squares (Co-captain Starfleet intelligence squads)
Racket ball
Historical Studies

Personal History Jason Elliot was born on Earth too Karl and Kaitlyn Elliot. Both parents studied elements of historical folklore. Jason rarely lived in any location on Earth longer than a few months at times which often left him looking for direction, while on an extended and rare stay in San Francisco Jason was able too take a tour of Star Fleet Academy, during the following years intake testing Jason scored enough too be admitted, while he was excited his parents initially objected, those objections were short lived as a transport accident killed His father.

During his time at the academy Jason showed an athletic prowess that drew the attention of the perici squares coaches. Despite his abilities Jason often would shy away from the gory of the teams victories in favor of academic successes including a honors degree in historical studies and a minor in tactical studies.

During his last semester Jason's research drew the attention of an intelligence officer who not only found it useful but discovered that he asked for the fourth year cadet to be assigned too a special research division for Starfleet intelligence.

During those two years Jason proved that he was more than capable too rise through the ranks in intelligence while considered an excellent high level analyst. He also met Darleen Connor, a civilian researcher. The couple made attempts keep their relationship secret mostly to ensure that there was no perceived improper behaviors they were married after 18 months together.

During a botched break in one fateful night Darleen was attacked and mortally wounded by an unknown assailant. It is unclear on the events including the investigation but it is assumed that the criminal is still at large, but back room rumors indicate the criminal was killed, but there is no proof.

In the months since these events Jason became withdrawn even taking a leave of absence for personal reasons, rumors were plentiful including suspicions of substance abuse too other problems have led Jason too leave Earth and seek a field posting.

In late 2395 Deep space three vanished, Jason was among the crew found 45 hours later.
Service Record Previous assignments:

Starfleet Academy Class of 2389 (graduated 14th) Historical studies, Tactical studies.

Starfleet intelligence HQ Historical studies/Tactical Analysis division (Lead researcher)

(Medical leave)

Starfleet intelligence HQ Field officer training program

Deep Space Three (Presumed missing/Found)

Current Assignment: USS Oberon