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Ensign Penny McTaggard

Name Penny Morag McTaggard

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 20inch
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Penny has long hair usually tied in a pony tail. She has blue eyes and thin eye brows. A slender nose sits in the centre of her face.

She has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Good upper body strength and powerful arms.
Likes non formal dress like tee’s and jeans always wears light colours.


Spouse None
Father Harry (50) Veterinarian
Mother May nee Gibbson (49) School teacher
Brother(s) Jason (10) school boy
Lucas (8) school boy
Sister(s) Mandy (35) Artist
Other Family Howard (40) Brother in-Law

Reported to have large family. Including two cousins serving in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A rather unfair great aunt once said Penny looked like a wild harpie. But this is not the case. If anything she is rather reserved and cold. But once she gets to know you. Penny is a good friend and team player.

She has a very good sense of humour. But you get the feeling she maybe trying to hard to be liked. This may come from her rather competitive childhood. Plus the need to do better then her cousins both named Stan.Who also serve in the fleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:-

Good listener. Loyal to friends. Hard working. Photographic memory. Can work on own.


Tendency to open mouth without thinking. Hence her being busted. Does not take failure well. Tendency to let temper get better of her.
Ambitions To get back her Lieutenants pips plus be a department head again one day.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-

Penny loves to sing. Especially Earth songs of the late 60’s and 70’s. She also likes to play Bajoran music on her flute. Likes to cook she also plays a mean game of chess.


Music of early 20th century Earth and pre occupation Bajoran music. Old Earth recipes and how they were cooked.

Personal History Early years:-

Although Penny’s family lived in Edinburgh she was born in Glasgow. Her mother had been staying with family. While her father was off world on a book tour. Baby Penny was born premature and nearly died. But the little girl defied death and lived.

The Mores are not known for their forgiveness and Penny’s father was highly criticised , for continuing the tour. Even on his return they treated him coldly. As a result her parents separated and eventually they would reconcile. But that would not be until Penny graduated from Starfleet academy.

Penny grew up in Glasgow and was quite a little tomboy. Due to her red hair she was nicknamed the wild red. A great aunt said she was a wild harpie. After grabbing her arm to stop her rushing around trying to hit a cousin. Penny then aged 4 kicked her shin until she let go. The naughty corner was often visited by the wild red.

At junior school Penny did well in her lessons. Music and maths being her most successful. However the headmaster was not to happy with her. Especially after she flushed the school bullies( the headmaster's nephew ) head down a toilet.

High school & teen years:-

Penny attended one of Scotland’s top schools that boasted a long history. With some very notable ex students. She enjoyed Music and Science which Penny excelled at and maths.

Her temper and short fuse got her into a few fights. But usually with boys who thought it was cool. To make fun of girls with ginger hair. She was quite popular with the female pupils and staff. Many of the younger girls looked on her as a protector.

She never really had time for any serious boyfriends.Preferring to work on getting good grades. She did have a few friends who were all girls. But it wasn’t until she discovered that her cousin Stan More was doing well. At his school in Edinburgh. Penny felt that she should be the cleverest. Not some soppy boy.So she began to push herself even harder.

Penny did very well and got good grades. She also learnt to play chess. A game Mc Taggard did very well at. But the consistent self-pushing worried her mother. Who forced Penny to take a holiday away from Earth on Bajor for the summer. It was there she learned how to play the flute.

University and Starfleet Academy:-

Penny left school with extremely high grades. She attended college where her mother made her. Study two subjects just in case Penny failed at one. Science and music . Penny did very well at both and was lead flutist of her college orchestra . Moving on to University were she studied science. Specialising in Biology , Medical , Botany and Music.. She did excellent in all three subjects. Graduating with full honours.

Penny got angry when her mother kept pushing. Potential husbands at her. Because she wanted her to get married now that her studies were over. But that side of life never really bothered her. She had friends, yes. But Penny was more interested in her work as a scientist. Especially after just landing a position at the Scottish Museum of Arts and sciences.

It was while she was working there. That a non-human scientist team was brought in. To help with a project. She became fascinated with them.When she finished helping the team. Who worked on the project . Penny was hooked on the idea of working with Aliens. So she decided to join Starfleet.

While at the academy she became quite friendly. With a fellow female Cadet. Sadly the cadet was killed in a freak transporter accident.

After four years of study. Penny did very well graduating with top marks in Science and as a second subject just in case Medical.

Unfortunately Penny’s tendency to speak without thinking. Got her busted off USS Hornet and demoted to Ensign. She also lost the head of department status
Service Record 2326:Joined Starfleet academy.
2330: Graduated full honours
2330: Transferred to USS Highlander
2333 Transferred to USS Hornet as CSO
2334 Busted back to Ensign, lost head of department status and kicked off Hornet.