1. Posting rate is at least one post every fourteen days or two posts per month , though certainly more is welcome! We realize that this is just a game and that sometimes Real Life takes priority; however, as a player you also have responsibilities to the sim, the CO, and your fellow players to maintain a certain level of commitment to the game, especially if you hold a key role in the sim. A player who fails to post for an extended period of time without due cause will be removed from the sim. (If you need to take a Leave of Absence, please speak with the CO as soon as possible.)

2. Besides your main PC, you may have up to 2 NPCs. The ranks of NPCs are not to exceed the rank of lieutenant, and may only hold non-department head positions (the CO and XO may create NPCs for department head positions on a case-by-case basis).

3. If you want to have a character of a non-canon species, please be as detailed as possible in describing the species. If you wish to use the species in more than one Pegasus Fleet sim at a time, you are required to get approval from the Pegasus Fleet Director of Fleet Resources. Also, please be aware that under the PF Restricted Characters Policy, certain species are either restricted (requiring approval from both the CO and the PF Admiralty) or outright banned.

4. In Character actions will result in In Character consequences. If you write about your character acting in a way that would get them disciplined, demoted, arrested, court-martialed, or injured/killed, you've made that choice, so don't be surprised when the Command Team follows through on the logical results of those actions. While we all love creativity, and it's highly encouraged here, that is not an excuse to ignore common sense. Be creative, but be logical, too!

5. Don't take IC posts personally. If someone's character acts unkindly towards your character, that does not automatically mean the player means it towards you. More often than not it's part of the game, not a personal attack. (Having said that, OOC harassment in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated.)

If there is an OOC problem of any kind with another player, please try to work it out among yourselves first, and if that doesn't work, or if you feel that you can't do that, then bring it privately to the CO or XO, and they will help resolve it. Don't let pettiness disrupt the game.

6. Do not write for other players' characters. If you'd like to interact with another player's character, write a Joint Post with that player.

7. Please be aware of the sim's Discord rules, found in the "welcome and rules" channel.

8. All decisions by the sim's command staff and members of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty are final.

9. Violations of any rule will result in the following punishments:

*First violation results in a warning.
*Second violation is a 7 day ban.
*Third violation is removal from the sim (if a player) and a permanent ban.