New Mission "New World"

Posted on Tuesday July 5th, 2022 @ 7:10am by Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu

Our new Mission is moving along nicely. "New World" In 2395 The Shackleton Expanse, Archanis Sector, Planet Vein II, The Akaru government. The Akaru. They have questionable two tear citizenship and slavery practices. This is the Problem with them joining the federation. The mission is to help them to get past the two tear citizenship and slavery. The influence of the Klingon Empire has had on the people has not helped this. The Federation needs to prevent the threat that has been growing. As interest grows in the two tear citizenship and slavery. Their current government would like to join the federation until this is resolved their application is on hold. There is some unrest within the Akaru government and asked for the Federation's help.



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