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The Wee One.

Posted on Monday November 14th, 2022 @ 2:30pm by Ensign Penny McTaggard

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: USS Oberon, Personal quarters.


-Personal quarters,USS Oberon-

Penny lay on her bed thinking. If she ever wished to gain any weight on her collar again.Plus be head of any department or one day. Be on the command team.She had to calm down and stop getting into a hissy fit. Every time things did not go her way. The problem was she just got fazed when chaos happened. The cause of this chaos was at the moment curled up and gently snoozing. In the corner of her quarters.

At least they were letting her keep the quarters. Ensigns usually either shared or slept in a dorm. She quite liked to share. But The Wee One had other ideas. The last Ensign who tried to share. Mistook Penny’s chihuahua's snarling face for a smile. McTaggard never knew fingers could bleed that much.

How did she end up with The Wee One?

It all began with a tragedy.

Penny did not make many friends. Not because she was an outcast or shy. She wanted to concentrate on getting good grades. So once she graduated. Penny would have the pick of the litter. A nice science department on a Sovereign class. Assistant Chief Science Officer then Chief. But only available with good grades. The fact she had not been expelled by the Academy. Showed she had learned to keep the opening under her nose under control.

But she did make one friend. Sally. A kindred spirit like penny. The two became study partners and good friends. The class was to go on a training mission on the USS Seeker. An older Galaxy class vessel. But at the last minute Penny had to pull out. Due to her Mother falling seriously ill. But Sally and Penny said they would keep in touch.

Penny returned home to Scotland on Earth. Sally would call Penny at regular intervals. Asking how Penny’s mother was. Then when Penny told her she was thankfully getting better. Sally have Penny a report on how the mission was going. She was particularly excited about an upcoming away mission. To a small forest moon. Which promised to be quite interesting. Penny told her friend she was jealous but on a nice way.

That was the last time Penny ever spoke to her friend.

A rather gruesome transporter accident ended not only two other cadets. But also Sally’s life. The transporter operator as well as the Chief Engineer were charged with gross negligence.

Penny was devastated at the loss of her friend. She stayed in her room crying and refused to eat. Mc Taggard told her family she was quitting Starfleet Academy. Something had to be done.

Old Mrs McTrunsbery’s dog Bright Eyes. Had recently given birth. Even though the Chihuahua had one puppy. It was impossible for the old lady to keep him. The problem was she could not find anyone to take the puppy. As small dogs like Chihuahuas were not so popular in Scotland.

Knowing how barbaric her friend could be. Penny’s grandmother took the puppy off the old woman's hands.

At first Penny did not wish to know. But sensing its new mistress/mummy was upset. The puppy nuzzled its head under her hand. Looking into its slightly crossed bulging eyes. Penny was smitten with her new friend.

Small , loud , angry dogs and Starfleet Academy don’t mix. So the chihuahua had to stay with her grandmother. Once Penny graduated, most vessels allowed pets. She was able to bring him with her. Her grandmother had been calling him The Wee One. Penny had assumed it was because the dog was small. In truth it was because the animal urinated everywhere. The dog would not answer to any other name. So it stuck.

Penny soon found out that once a puppy becomes an adult. They days of nuzzling and loving licks. End. The chihuahua was ok with most of the crew. But there were a few the dog did not like. Unfortunately these were usually crew with more pips on collars.

She blinked. The Wee One gave a yawn.Looking at the dog. Penny spoke.

“ You and I are going to have to change our ways.


Ensign Penny McTaggard
USS Oberon


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