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‘She Who Would Valiant Be’

Posted on Tuesday November 22nd, 2022 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant Shr'Nesh Karadis & Lieutenant Commander Niali Korial Dr
Edited on on Tuesday November 22nd, 2022 @ 2:44pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Korial’s quarters.
Timeline: Shore leave


It had been nagging on Niali’s mind for a week now the manner of Finchley and Karadis return and the awful mess she had made on greeting them. She knew she had after like an ass. She knew that Finchley and her would never again be a couple and maybe never even friends, but she had expected the Klingon woman to be warmer than she had been. She knew and wanted to reach out to her, to make amends, apologize or at least fight. Over the last couple of days in between her bridge duties she had mulled over the idea of a Klingon dinner with much drinking to ensure that inhibitions on both sides would loosen in order for them to say what they really wanted to say. There was something about Karadis that greatly attracted Niali or, was it Korial that liked at that blood and gore? She knew there was only one way to find out. So she took a deep breath fully expecting her to refuse during a string of screaming epithets. She tapped her comm.
=/\= Korial to Lieutenant Karadis=/\=

The sound of the Executive Officers coming through her COMM badge angered Karadis. Thumping her badge she angrily began to retort “What the fuc…” then changed it to “What do you want Korial?”

Niali smiled to herself, that was the Karadis she knew. There would have been no hope of a ‘pretty please’ approach working. “We are sorting this out, tonight, my quarters, dinner, bring bloodwine and don’t you dare not be here at 1900 or I will rip your liver out and feed it to you, GET IT?” She thundered.

“Oh I’ll be there alright you Jennarian swamp rat, and my dinner will be your fucking spleen followed by your liver. I’m going to have you begging me!” Karadis shouted back.

I’d like to see you try whore’s bitch!” Niali shouted in Klingon back and cut the comm so as not to give Karadis the chance to reply. She knew that would get her even more riled. The thought of that excited her.

Enraged, Karadis was about to storm out of her quarters to sort the Trill out, then had an idea. She’d wait till the allotted time of the ‘ dinner’, then spring her surprise.

Sure enough 1900 hours arrived, and Karadis was ready. She'd been to the Executive Officers quarters a few times so knew the layout very well.

"Computer, site to site transport, myself to Lieutenant Commander Korials quarters, the main bedroom, authorisation Karadis Alpha Alpha six two zero Alpha. Begin transport now" Karadis said.

The computer acknowledged the order and the authorisation security code, transporting Karadis there in moments.

[XO quarters]

The transporter beam dissipated and Karadis walked forward to the bedroom door. She was just about to say something when she saw someone in Klingon battledress standing in the middle of the living room. She didn't know what the meaning of this was, Niali had made no mention of any Klingon coming as well. Then a thought struck her, what if they had done something to the XO and were waiting on her arriving to attack her?

She wasn't about to let that happen so she roared and ran at the figure yelling "quvHa’ Hegh SoH vIneH!!!" (Dishonourable death to you!!!)

Niali had just finished the last buckle on the heavy battle dress, it felt good and smelled even better. She happened to look up in the mirror in time to see the residue of a beam in and she knew it was Karadis running towards her with the Klingon battle cry. She had no chance to turn around before Karadis slammed into her. “Karadis qeylIS 'iH qeylIS'e' Niali!” (It is I Niali) she managed to gasp as the Klingon began to squeeze. Niali kicked back connecting with a thigh which had no effect. She was almost out of breath when she kicked again lower onto her shin. Karadis gave a cry.

Karadis called out in pain but maintained her grip. She whirled around three sixty twice before releasing them and slamming them into room bulkhead. Taking out her D'k tahg, she held it to Niiali's throat and said "Move a muscle and I cut you from ear to ear like the dog you are. You dare to speak to me the way you did in your office and on the COMM message earlier...ME!" and she dug the dagger in further, drawing a thin line of blood.

Niali felt the knife at her throat and felt the thin trickle of blood. She remained completely still. “I will speak to you the way I want to,” she whispered. “Give me my weapon and let us fight this out the warrior way?”

Karadis slapped Niali hard across her cheek. "You're no warrior, you're just a Trill given licence to play at being a Klingon" Karadis spat back. Standing up, she took two steps back and said "but if you wish to die pretending to be one, I shan't stop you, so...Ghiqtal!" (To the death)

Niali roared her challenge and barrelled into Karadis with her whole weight kicking her right knee hearing a satisfying crack. She thumped the Klingons head onto the floor by her hair straddling her and pinning her arms to the floor forcing her to drop her D’k tahg. “I think you will find I have been working out she said breathlessly. Deep inside Niali the Korial symbiont began to wake and invade her mind. With a wicked smile Niali released her hand and applied it to a certain spot on Her opponents neck and pressed. The nerve compression would cause excruciating pain and temporary blindness. Niali’s eyes turned completely black as Korial took over and began to fight in earnest.
“tlhIngan Hol Dahatlhrup'a' Korial?” (Do you think you can defeat Korial the torturer Klingon pig?) Korial spat at Karadis. “Ghiqtal“

Karadis shouted in pain as her neck was pressed, and everything went dark. The automatic reaction of self-preservation kicked in and she bucked and threw Niali off of her. Stumbling to her feet, she waved her arms in front of her to ward off any attack, not knowing how close anyone or anything was. Crashing into the table in front of her, she fell forward and face planted herself on the hard surface. As she reached down to push herself up again her hand came in contact with what seemed to be a table knife. She grabbed it, any weapon was better than none, and wildly slashed out in a semi-circle around her.

"You think this will stop me killing you Korial?" she said, anger and hate in her voice "All you've done is sign the Commanders death warrant!"

As she spoke, her vision started to come back, it was blurry, and she rubbed her eyes as if to clear them up. Swinging her head round, she saw the figure of Korial and charged them. Once more, full force, she barrelled into Niali and with her momentum smashed her into the wall. As they both fell, Karadis sight was now back to near normal so she grabbed Niali's hair, forced her head back and punched her twice in the face. Getting quickly to her feet, she reached down and bodily picked Niali up and threw her at the wall again, then kicked her in the stomach.

"I'll show you what fucking torture is and dragged Niali across to the table by her hair. Lifting her up, she pushed her face first into the table, grabbed her right hand, flattened it and brought the knife down on it driving the blade through the back of the hand, through the palm and into the wodden table pinning it there.

She picked up a fork and drove it into the back of Korial's thigh "I'm going to make you suffer you piece of shit!" she said, picking up another fork and driving it into the front of Korial's right thigh. Picking up a knife, she flattened Korial's left hand and drove the knife through the back of that one pinning 'it' to the table.

She stood up and went back to get her D’k tahg. Returning to Korial, she grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and placed the blade across her throat "Say hello to your victims for me..."

The extreme pain Korial was feeling had now bled back into Niali’s mind, she screamed and her eyes became her own once again. She felt the blade against her skin and waited for death. “Karadis it’s me Niali don’t do this!”

"You're too late for that Korial!" Karadis said "See you in hel..." and at that precise moment, a shimmering visible wave came through Niali's quarters.

Karadis blinked, and found herself back in her quarters.

"" she asked out loud. She turned to see her clock showing almost 1900 hours.

"Wha the hell!!!" she exclaimed. Then her mind was racing, what had just happened, she had been in Niali's quarters, they'd been fighting, she was about to...."Oh hell no!" she uttered and made a beeline for the door of her quarters. She ran full pelt to Niali's quarters and began banging on the door "NIALI...NIALI...OPEN THE DOOR!!!!"

Niali closed her eyes and felt the slice of Karadis’ D’k tahg cutting into her throat. Then she opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, her head was pounding. She was dressed in her Klingon dress but, NO Karadis, NO fight to the death and NO Korial. She vomited a raw guttural sound..Why was her head pounding so much, had she been dreaming? The meal was still waiting to be heated….the time…the time, she thought looking for the clock it was 1900. She shook her head to try to annihilate the pounding. It had felt so real. She checked her neck for wounds but it was smooth. She felt dizzy and then realised that the pounding was the door, someone was out there. She stood, dizzy and almost only half conscious and made her way to the door. She pressed the lock and it opened.

The door to Niali's quarters opened and Karadis ran inside. Seeing Niali standing there, unhurt, she grabbed her and hugged her very tightly "Thank Kahless you're ok!"

Then it struck her, she stood back and looked Niali up and down "What's with the Klingon battledress?"

“What is going on Karadis?” Niali asked, did we dream? but if we did it was the same dream but.…… I wasn’t asleep.” Then she noticed Karadis was looking at her. Niali blushed. “I thought you would want to fight?”

"Well if it was a dream, it was a bloody awful one. I attacked you, we scuffled, I pinned you...quite the table and was about to cut your throat" Karadis replied "I don't mind a fight, I just wished you'd let me know, though if I'm honest, you could have worn something a little more...never mind."

Niali smiled, “don’t you like it?” She asked. “I really thought you would want to fight, to at least injure me…Karadis?” Niali paused, she was sure the Klingon woman would not want to hear that she felt something stronger than their latent friendship.

"I prefer you in something, but, if I'm honest, the battledress suits you" Karadis replied "and I'd only injure you if we were to become physical, and I'm not meaning combat...well, combat in the normal sense. Are you trying to come onto me Niali?"

“Yes Karadis I am, of course I am, don’t you know that I have always been attracted to you?” She smiled, “I can do sexy if you prefer that. So, you do find me attractive then?”

"You need more muscle in your upper arms and your thighs and your breasts could be a little more enhanced. I can't comment on anything else till I 'examine' you more closely" Karadis replied. She almost sounded coy when she added "The answers no, I didn't realise you've always been attracted to me, I thought you were more attracted to the likes of Kerr. As for doing sexy, yes, I would prefer that."

“Hold that thought Karadis.” Niali reached across for her comm, tapping it once she said =/\= Korial to the bridge=/\= instantly, well almost a voice replied “Lieutenant Smithson Sir” Niali continued “Lieutenant Smithson has anything strange, different from normal happened, any reports of anything unusual? No sir” came the immediate reply. Niali looked at Karadis “I want you to run diagnostics of the hull integrity, have engineering check if anything has impacted the warp engines and I want scans of surrounding space for two light years for any anomalies. Report back to me when they are done Lieutenant Korial out =/\=

“Do you have to go?” She asked Karadis.

"No, I don't have to go anywhere especially" Karadis answered "Why, what did you have in mind?"

Niali half smiled, well it would be a shame to waste all this food and I managed to scavenge a keg of bloodwine from your quarters when you left. It’s here waiting for you and, whilst you pour us some I can change into something more appropriate.”

"I left Bloodwine behind?" Karadis asked incredulously, "I must have been in a hurry" she finished.

She saw the keg on a corner table and began walking towards it "Yes I'll pour the Bloodwine whilst you get changed" she said, still perplexed at how she could have left it behind in the first place.

Niali had a quick shower and dressed herself in a tight diamond shot electric blue gown with a slit up to the top of the right thigh. It was a little low cut but it enhanced her breasts. She slipped on her highest diamond shoes with a 6 inch heel and pulled her hair up loosely in a chignon. She used make up to enhance her eyes cheekbones and finished it with scarlet lipstick. She looked in the mirror and gave a sigh of satisfaction. “I hope you left me some of that blood wine Karadis?” Niali called as she walked out into the lounge.

Two tankards in hand, Karadis began turning and saying "You'll be lucky if..." then saw how Niali was dressed and looking " keep that dress on for more than two minutes before I rip it off your body, lower you to the floor and make you orgasm so many times you'll think you were in Trill heaven!"

Niali turned around knowing that the dress was even more stunning at the back as it was cut so low it fell to the base of her spine. “So you DO find me attractive then!” She smiled and took the tankard out of the Klingons hand. “Even dressed like this I can drink you under the table you beautiful woman.” She said. She drained the tankard.

The view from behind was as stunning, if not more so, than from the front as Karadis watched Niali turn around.

"I've always found you attractive Niali, I just never said anything in case the feelings weren't reciprocated" Karadis replied "Talks cheap Trill, you're already two tankards behind, and dressed like that, you'll be out of your head...and your two or three tankards" Karadis winked.

Niali moved towards her and refilled her tankard again drinking it straight down. Niali’s eyes were filled with desire but there was something she had to ask. “Karadis, why did you greet me the way you did when you and Finchley arrived back? What did I do wrong? Niali moved to within a few inches of Karadis and took in the earthy smell. Her heart beating wildly she downed another tankard. “ Jih neh tlhih Kardis, jih’ve wanted tlhih since the wa'dich poh mah met.” She filled the tankard once again feeling a little light headed.

Karadis' head dropped and she sighed then looked away from Niali. Looking back at her again she said "Do you realise how you treated Kerr when we came in Niali? I get that you were upset at, but he was ordered to go, and told not to discuss why with anyone, he had a court martial hanging over his head if he did. We took on the mission, and it..." she stopped for a moment "...things happened, and he bore the brunt, but we both paid a heavy price. When we returned, you greeted me like a long-lost friend, yet you treated him like dirt, cold and uncaring. You told us we looked and smelled like shit...had you been there you'd have been the same, there was no compassion. You were being a cold calculated smart-arse telling Kerr the orders were 'acceptable', treating him again coldly, almost with contempt. That sent me over the edge Niali, but you know what, even with the way you treated him, when I started to have a go at you it was Kerr who stepped in, he defended you and even apologised to you for my behaviour, but you never saw that. He saw you have a go at me...rightfully so as I did step out of line...but he was defending a fellow officer who'd just come out of a hellish mission and he couldn't tell you why. Believe it or not, it's eating him alive from the inside out. Oh sure, he'll deny it till the Altarian cows come home, none the less, I can see it. He needed compassion, even just a little, some kind of recognition from a friendly face that he was back, instead, you blew him off and blamed him for your crap feelings. To him right now, he has two choices, either resign his commission or blow his brains out because he has nowhere and nobody else to turn to. He can't rely on me because he knows I'm as much damaged goods as he is. Knowing him, he's probably at the bottom of some bottle right now and thinking which is the lesser of two evils."

Niali sat down, “I know I messed up but what did he expect? I loved him with all my heart and seeing him again…well I just froze. How can I make it right Karadis, tell me that? Why does he want to resign his commission or shoot himself, is it to do with me, does he love me?”

"Of course he loves you you dope!" Karadis replied "but he's in all kinds of pain and hell right now. Haven't you noticed he's been demoted, didn't that even occur to you to wonder why? That demotion, along with..." and again she stopped "...the mission and you ice balling him, he doesn't know his arse from his elbow. He expected you to be professional, put your true feelings to one side and act like the Executive Officer of a Starship, not the ice queen. He feels like he doesn't have a friend in the universe right now and the universe is a BIG place if you haven't noticed."

“Where will I find him now Karadis? I will go and talk to him?”

"I have no idea where he is" Karadis replied. Realising their evening was now finished she add “If I were to guess, he’ll find find somewhere that’s the last place anyone would think he’d go. There’s something else, he’s tried to hide it, but I know him to well, he’s started drinking again. All the best with how it goes” and with that she took her leave.


Lieutenant Commander Niali Korial Dr
Executive Officer
USS Oberon


Lieutenant Shr’Nesh Karadis
Intelligence Specialist
USS Oberon


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