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Storm In a Teacup

Posted on Monday November 21st, 2022 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Niali Korial Dr & Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant Jason Elliot & Ensign JoAnne Grant
Edited on on Monday November 21st, 2022 @ 9:11pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: World of Mion Nova
Timeline: Current


Niali stopped eating, “Steven is there a problem?” she asked reacting to the alarm in his voice.

Steven knew he could not lie to the XO. So he told the truth.

“ This storm is going to be a bad one. I am not sure if the shuttle will be alright. But there is another concern. How much of that oxygen do you have? Only those huts have weathered these storms many times and may be our safest place.” Steven reported

Jason arrived back at the camp and heard the news, "We can land the flyer in the 'Town square' that should reduce the risks too it, plus during my walk back I found something." Jason held up a pendant with a carved symbol in the pewter like metal with a symbol matching the vegvisir tattoo on the same forearm.

“We have fair amount of oxygen left Steven but if this storm is going to continue I think Jason’s idea that we try to return to those huts is a good one. The less we breathe of this dust the better.” Niali looked at Trensu and she had the idea that he was testing her, well she would do her best. “Jason take the flyer in, Steven prepare as much food as you can, Jo when we arrive ensure we are able to use the biggest hut and ensure we can light a fire. Let’s get to it people! Once we get there and are safe we need to investigate that pendant.”

Jason tossed his bag into the back hold and ran to break down his tent, after pulling the pegs and rolling it up he tossed it next too his pack and began too start an abbreviated preflight too the flyer. Seeing all green status indicators he flipped the power to stand by and he looked too the ramp seeing tent bags just inside the cabin he grabbed them and put them in the back hold, he looked at the planetary radar display "We have just over twenty minutes, what's left?"

“ I cannot think of anything. Just make sure Niali has enough oxygen to breathe. We don’t want Korial making an unwanted appearance. I would like to help with that pendant. I quite interested in seeing the connection between Mia Nova and old Earth.” Steven said

Jason jumped into the pilots chair, "Atmospheric lift off in" The flyer began too lift up from it's previous landing spot, Looking at the altimeter he wanted too be visually above the tree line, Jason then pushed the controls into a forward flight configuration and the ship began it's very short flight "We should be overhead of the village now, locking in the the landing pattern for the town square and reducing speed."

The less than three minute flight ended as Jason moved the controls into landing, extending the landing gear followed by a short thump from making contact with the ground. He flipped the controls too standby "We should get Niali set up here in the back cabin instead of outside for now, I want too launch one of the atmospheric drones to check the atmosphere for irritants."

Niali was happy to stay in the shuttle. Somehow she did not like the small collection of huts and had felt better away from them, now they were back the feeling had reappeared. She shivered. “I will check our supplies, we may have to stretch them out. I will also make us some hot food. I don’t want anyone to go outside unless they are wearing an FP3 mask to filter the sand particles.

Jason picked up the medallion, "This one is very old, it's not native."

Steven rubbed his chin in thought.

“ Not native. So it’s possible that Mia Nova was visited by the same traveler's. That visited Earth during the 13th century. Maybe we’ll find more clues in that large hut?” Steven said

"This particular medallion is about four hundred years old or less and I don't recognize the tribe marking." pointing too the top marking "Mine is the common form, this one isn't." pointing too the tattoo again.

“Perhaps when the storm subsides you can do some more exploring of the structures. There is the larger one that may have other artifacts inside.” Niali smiled. “I however will not be doing so, as soon as this blasted storm subsides I am going to find somewhere to swim, maybe JoAnne will come with me?” She looked at her, “well how do you feel about swimming?”

"I'm actually a pretty good swimmer. I would enjoy the exercise, Jo said. She was feeling much stronger due to the radiation sickness treatments.

Steven shook his head.

“ I am not sure that is wise. The storm is going to throw up debris all over the place. Any bodies of water may become saturated with the same stuff that caused Korial to surface.” Steven warned

Jason still sitting in the pilots seat spoke "I don't think it's wise for us to venture too far from the ship, with everything that has happened I'd like to be sure we can counter any potential problems, plus based on these readings it's the same lightening and dust particles as the last storm so it's not wise to venture too far."

“You are right of course Jason, I just need to get out of here and I DONT want to go into those huts. It’s just so claustrophobic in here and that is something I never have.” She did not want to tell them that Korial was there, pushing her to do something she did not want to do. She clenched her fists and sat trying to relax pushing him down. She knew then she had to have the symbiont removed. “Jason is there anyway the shuttle could currently leave Mion Nova? I would like to return to the Oberon I could replenish our supplies and return for you?” She knew already what he would say. Niali felt lost and not in the least like an XO should feel.

Jason looked at a status display "I can have us there in two hours, maybe less." Jason flipped the nav system too standby.

“Are you sure this storm and these particles will not have an affect on the engines?”

Jason measured his words "If we leave within the next few minutes we should be fine, the risks are minimal."

“ It would be a shame to leave just now. You know we may not need to. The pattern of the storm is in a circular motion. If we could stay in the eye of the storm. It will be calm and there will not be too much turbulence.” Steven Said

Well, it’s up to you, we do have enough food and water for five days” Niali said. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin the trip for everyone else.

Jason looked at the display, "The storm doesn't seem too have the intensity of the one earlier, let's shelter in place here for now, unless there's a problem we can resume exploring when the storm passes." Jason said as he stood to stretch "It's probably a better plan."

Niali nodded, “very well Jason. I am going to the back to lie down for a bit. Wake me if the storm dissipates?” She stood and moved to the small bench at the back and lay down her back to them.
~go outside~ a small whisper in her brain began like a small insect whirring caught on a glass desperate to get out. ~you can’t stay here, you know what you will do, I can help you, we can kill them and use this craft to escape back to Erona. Together we can do wonderful things Niali ~ “Stop….please stop.” Niali whispered.

Jason stepped up to the back station "I'm going to go through Dad's journals and find this mark on the pendant if he has an entry."

"I will run a diagnostic on the engines just to make sure they are within operating parameters," Jo said..

Jo took the engineering console and started working.

“ I’ll keep an eye on the storm.” Steven said.


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