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Catching up.

Posted on Monday November 21st, 2022 @ 7:04pm by Ensign JoAnne Grant & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Science Lab & Mess hall


-Science Lab-

Steven’s first task on taking over the Science department was to have an inventory completed. They needed to know what supplies there were. So if needed more could be ordered.

Everything was in place. Except after a second count. They discovered three science tricorders missing. But no one knew what had happened to them.

“ Great. My first second as Chief Science Officer and we a missing three tricorders. Please tell me there is a record on the computer as to who has them?” He said

“ Ops.” A lab technician said.

“Ops. Ok. Lieutenant Edgeware to Ensign Grant come in please.” Steven said. It was strange not using his Doctor title.

=/\=Grant here go ahead=/\=

“ Hello, JoAnne, it's Steven here. I don’t know if you know I have taken over the Chief Science Officer position. The thing is your department seems to have some of our Tricorders still.” Steven said

"Congratulations on your promotion, Steven, I too have been promoted to Chief of Ops. I know about the tricorders, had to use them on a special op. I turned them over to security to be erased and sent back to you. I had full authorization from your predecessor and it was by the order of our former first officer Commander Kerr." Jo replied.

“ I see….Commander Kerr unfortunately never left a reason they were taken. Can you tell me? Just so I can strengthen up the books.” Steven said.

"Yes Sir. We were on a covert mission to the Romulan embassy on Dytallix 4. We planted listening devices in some of their comm equipment so we could monitor their traffic. The tricorders were used to monitor power distribution nodes so I wouldn't trip any of their alarms. I would appreciate it however if you didn't put this in the official log as it was a covert mission. Please be discreet with your entries. I believe the tricorders are with security, I'm sure we can get them back, though they may be scrubbed." Jo replied.

“ So long as we can them back. You know it’s been a while since we had a good gossip. Would you like to join me for a coffee in the mess hall?” Steven asked

"That would be great, how about we meet there at 1300? That will give me time to get down there." Jo said.

“ Can't wait.” Steven said

-Mess Hall-

Steven arrived early and ordered a large cup of tea. He also chose a plate of mixed-filling sandwiches. He took a seat near a window.

Jo made it to the officer's mess on time, grabbed a cup of coffee, and went over to sit with Steve.

"Hi, thanks for asking me out. How's life as the chief of the science department? Congratulations by the way," Jo said.

“ To be honest all I seem to be doing is paperwork paperwork paperwork. It’s all done now. So on the camping trip tomorrow I’ll be able to look the XO and CO in the faces. Without feeling guilty. So how is engineering?” Steven asked

"I kinda know how you feel, though I'm not in Engineering, they made me Chief of Ops, which is keeping me pretty busy. The CO and XO don't seem too harsh to me, they just want what they want when they want it. Are they giving you a hard time?" Jo asked.

“ Well not really. The problem is that before they left the last Chief Science Officer, unfortunately, got into a bit of an argument with our last XO. They deliberately left things in a bit of a mess. So I had a bit of a clean-up job. Also…..keep this under your hat. I have a sneaking suspicion that either a promotion or a second officer is heading my way. The CO and XO have been scrutinizing my work lately. By mums the word.” Steven said.

"I have always been discreet, Steven. Have you picked your staff yet?" Jo asked.

“ Anyone but Ensign McTaggard. That young woman is one sandwich short of a picnic. Talking of sandwiches please try the Bajoran shallow fish paste ones. They are very nice and go well with any drink.” Steven said.

Jo decided to try one of the fish paste sandwiches and they were really good.

"She always seemed nice to me though I haven't had to spend much time with her," Jo replied.

“ So is a Terran hippopotamus until you get too close. She has this dog. It’s a Chihuahua-wired-looking thing. Caused a riot in the sickbay with the XO’s cat. They were still trying to get the fur out of biobeds this morning. What do you think of these sandwiches?” Steven asked

"I like them, they really aren't bad at all," Jo said

“ Yes. On the station the replicators could never quite get it correct….Sorry I didn’t mean to bring DS3 up like that. It’s been a while since our old home vanished like that. Do you still think about it?” Steven asked

"I lost all my personal items when the base disappeared, wherever it went all my things went with it."

Steven nodded.

“ We lost a good team. The medical department had some good people. You know it still wakes me up some nights. Returning after chasing after those half borg zombies. To find the station gone like that. You know originally I was not going to go. But at the last moment I decided to swap with Doctor Clarke. It makes me shiver. If I had stayed…..” Steven said. He tried not to show his hand shaking as he lifted his cup of tea.

"Perhaps the base will reappear someday, perhaps it was some sort of temporal incursion of some kind. Bases just don't disappear like that. It's very strange and they have been keeping us in particular so busy that we haven't had the chance to even look into it," Jo said.

Steven looked around before whispering.

“ Yes I have noticed that. Our CO before Trensu was going to take us into the expanse looking for clues. But then they left the Oberon and no one has mentioned DS3 anymore. Maybe now I am chief science officer I can do some poking around. I have a theory Starfleet security knows a lot more then they are letting on.” He whispered.

"I would like to help you if I can," jo replied.

“ Thanks. Look at that we are out of sandwiches. Shall I get some more?” Steven asked

"I can use another one, and perhaps some coffee, please," Jo said.

Steven nodded.

“ I’ll get some more.” He said

"Thank you," Jo replied.



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Ensign JoAnne Grant
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Lieutenant Steven Edgeware
Second officer/Chief Science Officer
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